Samsung Vacum Cleaner SC18M3110VB

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Samsung Vacum Cleaner SC18M3110VB

>Anti-Tangle Turbine

>Iarge capacity dustbin can hold 2 litres 

>large transparent “sunroof” style cover

>Easy Maintenance 

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Anti-Tangle Turbine provides more consistent suction that won’t get clogged-up by hairs, so it maintains the optimum suction for a long time. Tested at the turbine fan using a mix of hair and pet hair on floor. >Its large capacity dustbin can hold 2 litres of dust and dirt, so you can clean for much longer without having to empty it as frequently. And because it has a large transparent “sunroof” style cover you can easily see how full it is with just a quick glance and without having to bend over. Prevent clogging on the cyclone(maintain suction power.Easy Maintenance Prevent clogging on the brush.

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