Ecommerce has been a savior to many in the recent days especially to the busy folks. There are several online shops in Kenya but before you make the choice on where to spend its good to ensure that their terms and service are relevant to your needs.  Online shopping is not all about making your virtual payments and wait for the goods to be delivered to you. Its all about the customer journey and after the experience, would you wish to make another purchase or refer someone to that platform? This is where tuskys.com stands out;

Instant Support

customer support

The worst any business can do to their customers is lacking proper customer support system. The moment you start access tuskys.com a customer support assistant is always with you. You can chat and get assistance real time. The support system is always open just for you.

User experience

I believe that you opt to shop online to save time. Imagine a platform that is takes too long to load or even not responsive with your phone. 70% of you use your phones to shop online and therefore this is your best option. Its an all device responsive platform, very fast and the check out stage runs very smoothly.


lipia pole polegift pesa

Times are tough, and we got you. That’s why we have ‘Lipia pole pole’. Tuskys.com is the only platform in the world that allows layby payments and that gives you the financial ability to get what you want. You can start with as low as Kshs. 1000 and the rest you can pay within a period of two months with zero interests.

Another innovation that brings convenience to you is that you can buy bulk gift vouchers online from comfort of your home or office. All you need is a proof of payment and a list of the beneficiaries with the denominations.


Online purchase can be tricky, a lot of fraud but again that depends with the platform you are buying from. In this platform you are always assured with secured modes of payments. This is because your safety is key to us hence, we have always partnered with the best online payment partners to keep your transaction safe.

Transparency in Terms of delivery

With our modes of delivery, I bet you can get any amongst the three that fits you perfectly. This is the only ecommerce platform that gives the power to see, touch or even test some of the products before its delivered

Offers and Information

deals and offers

This platform is very informative regarding the current offers. You can always check the available offers here that are available both online and on our stores countrywide.

Return policy and transparency

The return policy is more transparent, and you can easily access the services by contacting the customer care number or visiting your nearest branch. This improves your level of trust to the platform since you can witness that something is being done regarding the return process.