About us

Our Vision

To Become a Successful Brand on Every Street and Corner

Our Mission

Tuskys exists to provide feasible solutions to all key stakeholders including Customers, Staff, Suppliers, Shareholders and Society by becoming the Leading Retailer.

About Us

We are a leading regional retailer with 55 branches in Kenya and 7 branches in Uganda. Our strive is to make the benefits of formal retail accessible to the masses. This is in line with the key vision that our Founder Mzee Joram Kamau had. His vision not only gave birth to Tuskys’ “Pay Less, Get More, Everyday” strategy, but also enabled us to empower each of our valued customers. Through the power of choice, quality products, excellent services and pocket friendly prices, we serve over 10 million customers every month from our 62 retail stores and online platforms across the region. Over the years, our unique approach to business has proved to be fundamental in establishing Tuskys as a regional leader in the retail industry. Armed with a simple ideology, Mzee Joram Kamau planted the seeds that would give birth to a retail giant. His ideology was that through enterprise, leadership and service, ordinary people could not only prosper but, united with a sense of purpose, they would uplift the lives of their communities.

Our journey

The Kamau family grew up in the small town of Rongai near Nakuru. It was here that in 1985 Mzee Joram would open his first store, Magic, selling mattresses. The senior Kamau cultivated a unique relationship with the founder of Nakuru Mattresses (today known as Nakumatt), who was doing brisk business across the street. Their relationship would see Mzee Joram gain access to a variety of goods on generous credit terms. The goods would later be re-sold at very affordable prices, a strategy that would later stimulate growth. Years later, as his business grew, Mzee Joram would leave his first shop to his brother. That shop would later be transformed into the Naivas Supermarket brand. The 1990’s, would see Mzee Joram’s sons join their father in business and embark on an ambitious expansion strategy through their subsidiary Tusker Mattresses. Staying true to their father’s values, the Kamaus would see Tuskys blossom from a simple wholesale shop to a Chain of branches spread across the country and in Uganda offering a diversified range of products. This is despite the Founder the Late Mzee Joram Kamau passing on in 2002.

Our Values

Tuskys was founded on these three basic principles which are service, respect, and excellence. 1. Service to our customers The fabric of our business is built on the trust we are able to cultivate with our customers. As such, our customers are our main priority and we must serve them with dedication and integrity. 2. Respect for all Our people are the driving force behind our business. In recognising their contributions, we strive to create meaningful relationships where ideas and success can be shared. 3. Striving for excellence The key to our lasting success lies in our unity of purpose, our commitment to each other and pursuit of innovation.

Our People

We rank among one of Kenya’s biggest employers with over 6,000 staff and support a pool of over 3,000 suppliers. Our strength and the successful growth journey is strongly pegged on our people, the great team whose unwavering efforts have brought us this far. With a diverse workforce representing people of all backgrounds, our team can best be described as a cultural melting pot. We routinely invest in the development of our people through mentoring programs, leadership courses and exchange programmes where they are able to collaborate and broaden their perspective.

Our First

We have been a home of firsts and trendsetters in the retail sector in innovative products and services that are solution-oriented. Our open and fair collaboration with our business partners cultivated a new way of thinking and established Tuskys as a brand that our competitors aspire to emulate. With our unprecedented low price business model and expansion into the untapped informal, peri-urban and residential areas, we have revolutionised the Kenyan retail industry. Most of the popular innovations in the sector originated from Tuskys.

Tuskys Deli

This is one of the firsts that Tuskys prides in and that has taken the market by storm. The deli was introduced to give consumers an option of purchasing their favourite foods in portions of whatever amounts. This was a game-changer in the sector because unlike in hotels and restaurants that offer similar services, pricing in the Deli is not fixed, therefore giving customers a choice of purchasing whatever they want depending on the amount they have. Our Delis serve a variety pf foods. Some of our branches have a separate sitting area where customers can purchase food from the Deli and eat from there.

Tuskys Fresh Bread

We also pride ourselves in baking several fresh products that have also received warm reception on the market. Here, customers are driven by freshness since they can have their hot freshly baked bread, pies or cakes from our stores. The bread and buns come in different flavours to give customers variety. We for instance have our popular sweet potato bread/buns that is healthy and low in calories.

The Milk on-tap

This is another great innovation that allows customers purchase milk in even smaller quantities. The milk is clean, safe and hygienic and customers have the freedom to choose the quantity based on their budgets. 

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