About Us

TUSKYS (Tusker Mattresses Limited) is a private limited company incorporated in the Republic of Kenya on 18th May 1990 under the Kenya Companies Act (Cap 486). The original family business had been founded in Nakuru about ten years earlier. 

Tuskys Magic Nakuru

In 2007 Tusker Mattresses Limited rebranded to TUSKYS which is considered a trendier and more appealing name to most of our customers who are the youth.

Our Registered Office is located at the Head Office along Mombasa Road, Nairobi at Gami Properties Complex.

Our Vision

We strive to ‘Become a Successful Brand in Every Street and Corner’.

Our Mission

TUSKYS exists to Provide feasible solutions to our Customers, Staff, Suppliers, Shareholders and Society by becoming the Leading Retailer.

Our Goal

Our Goal as TUSKYS is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding customer service, great value and affordable consumer goods.

Our Business

TUSKYS engages in retail business with a chain of supermarkets spread all over the main urban centres in Kenya and in Uganda. Our supermarkets range from Mega Supermarkets to Express (convenience) supermarkets aptly referred to as ‘Chap Chaps’ depending on the community needs around the location of the supermarkets. As of February 2014, TUSKYS has 52 Supermarkets with prospects of opening more in the near future and expanding to other countries in the region.

TUSKYS has positioned itself strategically as a leader in the regional retail sector by optimising on ICT systems and improving operation efficiency. Our greatest value lies in our strong culture and human capital that is committed to the goals of the Company and promotion of local economic development. The day to day operations of the Company are overseen by a competent management team with experience and expertise in the various disciplines they represent. The Directors are also functionally involved in the running of the Company.

Over the years, TUSKYS has in addition to provision of the conventional supermarket services embarked on providing its unique ‘Fresh Concepts’ (private label products) in the form of in-store Bakeries, Delis, Butchery, Whole Milk Dispensers, Water Dispensers and a wide range of locally sourced Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at substantially lower prices.

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